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Full text of "Minutes of the Bear Creek Primitive Baptist Association, Spring and Fall Sessions, 1917."

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Bear Creek Primitive Baptist 

Spring and Fall Sessions 


ELDER J. F. MILLS, Moderator, Marshville, N. C. 
J. W. JONES, Clerk, Marshville, N. C. 



Bear Creek Primitive Baptist 


Spring and Fall Sessions 


ELDER J. F. LIILLS, Moderator/) Marghvilter'N. C..: 
J. W. JONES, Clerk, Marshville, N. 0.^^'^ - 

Thirty-third Spring Session held with the Church at 
liiberty Hill, Stanly (5ount5^, Nt)rth Carolina, commencing 
on Saturday .before the first . Sunday, in Majj, 1917. _^ 

^: of the Eighty-sixth Annual :F^ilK Session held with- 

th« Chul-ch at Jerusalem', Ailsoii ^CotiMy,. North Caralinfl'^ 
commericin^g on Saturday before- the - first SuMa;yi in'^'Ofe'^ 
tober, 191f7.-. • ■ ' -^^^ " • ^ --'-y^::^ Y^^:iPAr:. ^Ir A. V: 


Liberty Hill, Stanly County, n! C, 
Saturday, May 5, 1917 

Assembled at the stand at eleven o'clock A. M., and tlie^ 
introductory sermon was delivered by Elder J. F. Mills from 
8th and 9th verses of 3rd Psalms. Intermission one hour. 

At 1:30 P. M., the ministers and messengers present con- 
vened in the house. Praise and praj^er by Elder A. G. 
Morton. The moderator resumed his seat and proceeded 
thus : 

1. Called for letters from the several churches compos- 
ing this Association. Letters handed in, and read hy Broth- 
er J. E. Russell. 

2. Re-elected Elder J. F. Mills moderator and J. W. 
Jones clerk. 

3. Invited visiting messengers from sister Associations 
to seats. Elder S. J. Reich, of Salem, present and seated. 

4. Invited visiting brethren from sister Associations to 
seats. Elders L. F. Wallace, of Kentucky, and A. G. Mor- 
ton, of Salem, present and seated. 

5. Appointed a committee of arrangements as follows: 
Brothers C. W. Safley, J. F. Burrus, W. D. Benton with 
nroderator and clerk. 

6. Appointed Elders A. G. Morton, S. J. Reich, L. P. 
Wallace and T. M. Standly to preach at the the stand on 
tomorrow. Service to commence at 10 A. M. 

7. Adjourned to 9:30 A. M. Monday. Benediction by 
the moderator. 

Preaching conducted at the stand Saturday afternoon 
by Elders B. L. Treece and L. P. Wallace. 


Assembled around the stand at 10 A. M.. Song service 
and prayer, then Elder A. G. Morton preached. Report 
verse of 63rd chapter of Isaiah. Then followed Elder S. J. 
Reich (prounounced Rike) who preached from 26th versft 
of 12th chapter of Hebrews. Intermissio^ oi^e hour. 


Elder L. F. Wallace preached from 25th verse of 5t.h 
chapter of Ephesians and last by Elder T. M. Standly from 
this sentence, ''My kingdom is not of this world." All 
these sermons were well delivered to large and very atten- 
tive congregations. 


The Association reconvened in the house at 9 :30 A. M. 
Praise and prayer by Elder S. J. Reich. Then proceeded 
to business, the moderator presiding. 

8. Renewed invitation to visiting brethren to seats. 

9. Called on arrangement committee to report. Report 
read and adopted. 

Called names of messengers and noted absentees. (Omit-' 
ted reading rules.) 

11. Called on corresponding messengers to sister Asso- 
ciations to report. Elder Mills attended Mill Branch and 
■v^^as received and welcomed. Received minutes from Center, 
Mountain District, Silver Creek and Mill Branch Associa- 

12. Called on corresponding messengers from sister 
Associations to report. Elder Reich, of Salem reported that 
they are in peace. 

13. Called on Presbyteries to report. Brother Burrus 
reported that Elders B. L. Treece and T. M. Standly formed 
a presbytery at Howard Chapel on Saturday before the first 
Sunday in January, 1917, and ordained Brother P. A. How- 
ard, a deacon of the church. 

14. That we return thanks to God and this church and 
people of this vicinity for hospitality during this meeting. 

15. Adjourned to time and place mentioned in last 

Preaching at the stand Monday by Elders L. F. Wal- 
lace and S. J. Reich. Benediction by the moderator. 

ELDER J. F. MILLS, Moderator. 
J, W. JONES, Clerk. 




Albemarle-^William Solomon, D. B. Howard*. : : ' I 

Bear Creek— J. A. Barbee, A. J. Furr, Daniel Purr. 

E'ethany — Not represented. 

Brooms Grove — W. E. Williams, E. S. Huneycutt, Elder H. M. 
Yvilliams, . 

Concord — J. F, Burrus, J. J. Williams, E. S. Clontz. 
Clarks Grove— J. L. Helms, Robert Hatley, S. B. Tucker. 
Crooked Creek— W. D. Benton, H. E. Rowell, L. L. Little. . 
Freedom — A. J. Deese. ■ j 

High Hill— J. J. Hill, C. T. Mills*, William Clontz. 
High Ridge — S. Edwards, L. Edwards. J. B. Medlin. 
Jerusalem— W. A. Helms*, E. W. Helms, T. F. Mills. 
Howards Chapel— M. F. Coble, R. B. Burrus, P. A. Howard. 
Jones Hill — Henry Howard, A. A. Morton, Jonah Morton. 
Liberty— Elder H. Taylar*, J. B. Whitley*. 
Liberty Hill— Justin Whitley, C. W. Safley, R. T. Burrus.' 
Lawyer's Spring — J. W. Jones, F. A. Freslar, R. F. Tyson. " " ' 
Mountain Creek— J. E. Russell, V/. R. Morton, J. C. Miliar.' 
Meadow Creek — D. M. Hathcoek," J. A. Barbee, B. Huneycutt*. 
New Zion— J. C. Whitley, W. A. Helms, William Coley*. 
Pleasant Hill— E. J. Liles, J. M, Hartsell*, J. M. Stamper*. 
Pleasant Grove — E. Mullis, J. S. Thomas, T. A. Helms*. 
Phladelphia — Not represented, "! 
Running Creek— E. M. Hatley, J. H. McClure, G. M. Tucker. 
Union Grove— T. P. Hill*, A. E. Little, J. D. Hill*. , 
Watson— W. A. Hargett, E. C. A¥illiams, Joel Mullis. 
Wadesboro — W. A, Dry. . ' 

Absentees marked thus: (*). . ". .. . ;.. • 


Jerusalem Church, Anson County, N. C, 
October 6th, 1917. 

Assembled at the stand at 11 A. M. Praise and prayer 
by Elder W. R. Gallemore. Then Elder J. F. Mills preached 
the introductory sermon from Prov. 15 and 17 and Jere. 2IJ 
and 3. Intermission one hour, after which the ministers and 
messengers convened in the house. Praise and prayer by 
Elder B. H Harrelson. Then Elder Mills resumed his seat 
and proceeded: 


1. Called for the letters from the several churches. 
These were received and read by Brother H. M. BaLicoiii, 
reading clerk. 

2. Re-elected Elder J. F. Mills moderator and J. W. 
Jones clerk. 

3. Invited mesengers from sister Associations to seats. ^ 
The following were present and seated: Abbotts Creek, 
Elders Samnel McMillon and W. R. Gallemore. wath. ]nin- 
utes; Salem, Elders C. A. Davis and S. J. Reich: Mill 
Branch, Elder B. H. Harrelson; Silver Creek, Brethren J. R. 
Moore and T. H. Bentley. 

4. Invited visiting brethren from sister Associations to 
seats. Elder G. M. Trent, of Reidsville, N. C, was present 
and seated. 

Appointed the following a committee of arrangements 
for Monday, viz : Elders B. L. Treece, Henry Taylor and 
Brother W. D. Benton, with moderator and clerk. 

6. Appointed on Finance committee. Brethren J. E. 
Russell and W. A. Helms, to report Monday. 

7. Elected the follov^^ing ministers to preach at the 
si and Sunday, viz : Elders C. A. Davis, S. J. Reich, B. H. 
Harrelson and Samuel McMillon. Service at 10 .A. M. 
Elders W. R. Gallemore and G. M. Trent Monday. Service 
at 10 A. M. 

. 8. Adjourned to 10 o'clock Monday morning. Bene-. 
diction by the moderator. 

Service conducted at the stand Saturday P. M. by Elders 
G. M. Trent and C. A. Davis. 


Assembled around the stand at ten o'clock. Praise and 
prayer by Elder T. M. Standly. Then Elder C. A. Davis 
preached from 28th verse of 11th chapter of Matthew, fol- 
lowed by Elder S. J. Reich from 9th verse of 2nd chapter 
of Haggai. 

Intermission one hour, then Elder B. H. Harrellson 
preached from these words: "Preach the word," and clos- 
ed by Elder Samuel McMillon from Romans 9th chapter 
and 11th verse. 

The ministers were blessed with good liberty to preach 
the gospel to a large and attentive assemblage of people, 
and we believe the Lord was praised and His saints edified. 



Reconvened in the house at ten o'clock, pursuant to ad- 
journment. Praise and prayer by Elder C. A. Davis. 

9. Called on committee or arrangements to report. 
Report read and adopted. 

10. Called roll of messengers, noted absentees and read 
Rules of Decorum. 

11. Called on corresponding messengers to sister Asso- 
ciations to report. Reports were satisfactory. 

12. Called on corresponding messengers from sister As- 
sociations to report. Elder Samuel McMillon, of Abbotts 
Creek , Reported peace. Elder B. H. Harrelson, of Mill 
Branch, reported the same. Elder S. J. Reich, of Salem, 
reported the same and Brother J. R. Moore, of Silver Creek, 
reported the same, and signified a desire to keep up our 

13. That we appoint correspondents to sister Associa- 
tions as follows : To Abbots Creek, Elder J. F. Mills and 
Brethren AV. E. Williams, D. M. Hathcock, and minutes; 
Mill Branch, Elder T. M. Standly, Elder B. L. Treece and 
Brethren P. A. Howard, D. M. Hathcock, J. J. Hill and 
Rtanlev Edwards, and minutes ; to Salem, Elder J. P. Mills, 
Eider Henry Taylor, Brother J. P. Burrus, and minutes; to 
Silver Creek, Elder Henry Taylor and Brother W. E. Wil- 
liams, and minutes ; to Center and Mountain District each 
a file of minutes. 

14. Caled on Presbyteries to report. No report. 

15. Pinance committee reported. Sent up this year $42.10 

16. Treasurer reported nothing in treasury, and due 
clerk ; .40 

Total fund available $41.70 

17. That next Spring Session of this Association be held 
with the church at Bear Creek, Stanly County ,N. C, 10 
miles west of the city of Albemarle, and 9 miles about north- 
west of the town of Oakboro, and to commence on Saturday 
before the first Sunday in May, 1918. That we appoint 
Elder J. E. Williams to preach the introductory sermon; 
Elder B. L. Treece his alternate. 

And that the fall session convene with the church at 


llountain Creek, Stanly county, N. C, about 7 miles east 
ol Albemarle near the little town of Palistine and close to 
Badin, and commencing on Saturday before the first Sun- 
day in October, 1918. Elder Henry Taylor to preach the 
introductory sermon; Elder Milj^ his alternate. 

18. That the clerk superintend the printing of one thou- 
sand copies of these minutes and distribute as usual and that 
we give him eight dollars for his services this year. 

19. That we return thanks to God, this church and kind 
friends of this community for their utmost kindness and 
hospitality during this meeting. 

20. Above minutes read before the Association and ap- 
pi'oved, with request that above-mentioned meetings be pub- 
lished in The Landmark and Primitive Baptist, and that any 
surplus funds on hand be given to ministers present. 

21. Adjourned to times and places above mentioned. 
Benediction by the moderator. 

While the business session was being held in the house, 
preaching service was conducted at the stand by Elders 
A\^ R. Gallemore and G. M. Trent. 

ELDER J. F. MILLS, Moderator. 

J. W. JONES, Clerk. 

Albemarle — Willie Solomon, G. A. Hope, D. B. Howard. 
Bear Creek — Aaron Furr, J. A. Barbee, Daniel Furr. 
Bethany — By letter. 

Brooms Grove — Elder H. M. Wlliams, W. E. Williams, E. S. 

Concord— Elder W. R. Helms*, J. J. Williams, J. F. Burrus. 
Clarks Grove— R. M. Hatley, J. L. Helms, S. B. Tucker. 
Crooked Creek— W. D. Benton, H. E. Rowell, H. M. Green. 
Freedom — A. J. Deese. 

High Hill— W. M. Clontz, J. J. Hill, D. S. Jones. 
High Ridge — J. P. Rushing, Lonnie Thomas, Levander Edwards. 
Howards Chapel — M. F. Coble, J. A. Hinson, P. A. Howard. 
Jerusalem— W. A. Helms, T. F. Mills, E. W. Helms. 
Jones Hill — H. F. Curlee, Henry Howard, A. A. Morton. 
Liberty— Elder Henry Taylor, J. B. Whitley, S. D. Outen. 
Liberty Hill— Justin Whitley, R. T. Burrus, C. W. Safley. 
Lawyers Spring— J. W. Jones, C. B. Edwards, R. F. Tyson. 
Meadow Creek— B. Huneycutt, J. A. Barbee*, D. M. Hathcock. - 


Mountain Creek — J. E. Russell, Elder B. L. Treece, W. R. Mor- 

New Zion— W. A. Helms*, J. R. Whitley, Elder T. M. Standley. 
Pleasant Hill— 

Pleasant Grove — H. B. Godwin, J. S. Thomas, L. L. Griffin. 
Philadelphia— F. N. Gardner*, Julius Beam*, Foster Beam*. 
Running Creek— E. M. Hatley*, W. H. Hatley, J. H. McClure. 
Union Grove— FoL. Baucom, T. A. McClellan, I. N. Medlin. 
Watson— E. C. Williams, W. A. Hargett, Joel Mullis. 
Absentees marked thus, (*). 




Bear Creek__ __ 


Brooms Grove- 

Clarks Grove__ _ 
Crooked Creek__ 


High Hill_ __ __ 

High Ridge- 

Howards Chapel 


Jones Hill 


Liberty Hill 

Lawyers Spring 

Meadow Creek 

Mountain Creek. 
New Zion__ _ 
Pleasant Grove_. 

Pleasant Hill 


Rujining Creek 
Union Grove. _ 


Totals__ __ 



1 22 1 
1 24 
I 40 
1| 21 
i 221 
1! 24| 
■ I 24| 

! Ill 

Ij 191 

1 29! 

I 16i 

4 4 5| 13|530|$42.10 





Albemarle — D. B. Howard, Route 4, Albemarle, N. C.___^ 3rd June 

Bear Creek— Aaron Furr, Route 6, Albemarle, N. C 3rd August 

Bethany — Miss Jane P. Jones, R. A., Wadesboro. N. C.__3rd August 

Brooms Grove — J. P. Huneycutt, Monroe, N. C ___4th September 

Concord — J. P. Burrus, Concord, N. C 1st September 

Clarks Grove — J. L. Helms, Stanfield, N. C ^___2nd July 

Crooked Creek— H. E. Rowell, Rl, Indian Trail, N. C 3rd July 

Freedom — A. J. Deese, R6, Albemarle, N. C 2nd October 

High Hill — D. S. Jones, R2, Monroe, N. C 1st September 

Hgh Ridge— J. B. Medlin, Rl, Marshville, N. C 3rd July 

Howard's Chapel — J. A. Hinson, Aquadale, N. C 1st September 

Jerusalem — T. F. Mills, R2, Marshville, N. C 2nd August 

Jones Hill— J. S. Little, Oakboro, N. C 3rd September 

Liberty — J. B. Whitley, Rl, Monroe, N. C 4th July 

Liberty Hill— C. W. Safley, R2, Oakboro, N. C 4th July 

Lawyer's Spring — H. M. Baucom, Peachland, N. C 1st August 

Meadow Creek — D. M. Hathcock, Locust, N. C 3rd August 

Mountain Creek — J. E. Russell, R2, Albemarle, N. C._4th September 

New Zion— J. P. Whitley, R7, Concord, N. C 2nd September 

Pleasant Hill — H. P. Cashion, R2, Barber, N. C 4th June 

Pleasant Grove — T. A. Helms, Marshville, N. C 2nd July 

Philadelphia — Foster Beam, Ellenboro, N. C 4th August 

Running Creek — G. M. Tucker, Mt. Pleasant, N. C 2nd August 

Union Grove — I. N .Medlin, R2, Monroe, N. C 2nd September 

Watson— S. L. Mullis, R2, Unionville, N. C 4th May 


Sent up by the churches this year__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __$42.10 

Due clerk from last year __ .40 

Available now__ __$41.70 


For printing and mailing minutes__ __ __ __ _^ __$27.50 

For clerk's services 8.00 

Ii'or Associaton, to ministers.. __ __ __ 6.20 

Total Disbursements ^ $41.70 41.70 


Elder J. F. Mills, Route 1, Marshville, N. C. 
Elder J. E. Williams, Route 6, Albemarle, N, C. 
Elder W. R. Helms, Mooresville, N. C. 
Elder H. M. Williams, Indian Trail, N. C. 
Elder W. C. Edwards, Wingate, N. C. 
Elder Henry Taylor, Monroe, N. C. 
Elder B. L. Treece, Albemarle, N. C. 
Elder T. M. Standley, Concord, N. C. 
Elder A. G. Morton, Oakboro, N. C. 



Article 1. We believe in one only living and true God, 
the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost. 

Art. 2. We believe in the man Jesus being the first of 
all God's creation and the pattern of all God's perfection 
in nature, providence, grace and glory, and in relative 
union with the divine word, and thus united with the whole 

Art. 3. We believe in that the Scriptures of the Old and 
New testaments contain the only written revealed word of 
€fod, and are the only perfect rule of faith and practice for 
Ood's church in her militant state while here on earth. 

Art. 4. We believe in the doctrine of Election, that God 
chose his church in Christ Jesus before the world began. 

Art. 5. We believe in all mankind's apostacy by trans- 
gression in Adam, their federal head. 

Art. 6. We believe in the doctrine of original sin. 

Art. 7. We believe in the impotency of man to recover 
hxmself from his fallen state by his own free will and ability. 

Art. 8. We believe that sinners are justified freely by 
grace and before God by faith in Christ and his righteous- 
ness only. 

Art. 9. We believe that God's elect or church shall be 
called, converted, regenerated and sanctified by the Holy 
Spirit in due time. 

Art. 10. We believe that the saints shall persevere in 
grace and never really fall away. 

Art. 11. We believe that baptism and the Lord's Sup- 
per are ordinances of Christ's appointment and that be- 
lievers alone are the subjects of baptism and the only proper 
communicants of the supper ; that the mode of baptism is 
immersion, and that neither of the ordinances is to be alter- 
ed or changed by the inventions or opinions of men. 

Art. 12. We believe that no man as a minister has any 
right to the administration of any of the ordinances of the 
gospel except such as are sound in the faith of the gospel, 
regularly baptised, called of God and have come under the 
imposition of hands by a regular Presbytery. 

Art. 13. We believe in the resurrection of the dead, 
both the just and the unjust, and a general judgment. 

Art. 14. We believe that the punishment of the wicked 
will be everlasting and the joys of the righteous eternal. 



1st. A' Moderator, or Chief Speaker, and Clerk may be 
chosen by the suffrages of the members present. 

2nd. The Chief Speaker, or Moderator, shall take hit} 
seat at the hour to which the Association shall be adjourned, 
and after prayer shall proceed to business. It shall be his 
duty to keep order, and shall be entitled to the same privi- 
lege of speech as that of another member ; provided, he ap- 
point one of the members to fill the chair during the exercise 
of such privilege, and in no case shall give a vote unless the 
Association be equally divided. 

3rd. Only one member shall be allowed to speak at a 
time, who shall rise from his seat and address the Chief 
Speaker by the appellation of brother, and while speaking 
shall confine himself strictly to the subject in question, and 
shall not be interrupted unless he digress from the subject, 
and shall in no wise reflect on any other speaker, so as to 
make remarks on his slips and failings and imperfections, 
but shall fairly give his own views of the case without 
sophristry or criticism. 

4th. No person shall speak more than three times on 
■one subject without leave of the Association. 

5th. No person shall absent himself from the Associa- 
tion without leave. 

6th. No member of the Association shall address any 
other member by any other term or name than that of 

7th. The Chief Speaker, or Moderator, shall not inter- 
rupt one member to prohibit him from speaking until his 
speech is finished, except he break the Rules of Decorum. 

8th. The names of all the members of this Association 
shall be enrolled by the clerk, and be called over as often 
as the Association may require. 

9th. Any member who . shall willingly and knowingly 
break or violate any of the foregoing rules of this Associa- 
tion, shall be reproved by the Association in any way they 
may think proper. 


Form of Government (or Constitution) of the Bear Creek 
Primitive Baptist Association. 

"Which was adopted in the date of A. D. 1832, and has been 
in vogue ever since. 

1st. The Association shall be composed of members duly 
chosen by the different churches in our union and sent to 
represent them in the Association, who producing letters 
from their respective churches, certifying their appoint- 
ments, shall be entitled to a seat, 

2nd. In the letters from the different churches shall be 
expressed their members in full ffellov/ship, those baptized, 
received by letter, excommunicated, restored and dead since 
the last Association. 

3rd. The mxcmbers thus chosen and convened shall 1)6 
denominated the Bear Creek Association, who shall have no 
power to lord it aver God's heritage, nor have any ecclesi- 
astical power to infringe on the internal rights of the 
church, nevertheless in some cases, it becomes necessary to 
have some uniform rule of proceeding, viz : When an offense 
may be committed by one church against another, v\^e advise 
the church so offended to labor with the offender for satis- 
faction, and if she fail of success, she may call in the aid of 
two or more churches in the union to assist in the laboi^s, 
and, if finally, satisfaction in the opinion of the helps cannot 
be obtained, then the aggrieved church may bring the case 
before the Association, v/hose duty it shall be to act on it ,* 
and also, when any serious difference may arise, in any in- 
dividual church, which they all, after due labor had, cannot 
reconcile, we advise the church then to call in the aid of 
one or more churches in the union to assist in the work ; and, 
if no satisfaction can be had, it may be brought before the 
Associaation, who shall act on it, and further to illustrate 
the mode of proceeding in the above cases, reference shall be 
had to the 18th chapter of the gospel of Matthew and other 
KScriptures, which respect discipline for the bringinipf to trial, 
and determining on the case of an individual member of an 
individual church, and the Association will take cognizance 
of no case of the kind unless the above proceeding be had 

4th. The Association when convened shall be governed 
by a regular and proper Decorum, which they are author- 
ized to form for themselves. 


. . 5th. The Association shall appoint a Chief Speaker, or 
Moderator, from among themselves for the time being, 
whose duty it shall be to see that the Rules of Decorum shall 
be attended to, to take the opinion of the Association on all 
questions properly brought before them ; and a Clerk shall 
be appointed by the Association, whose duty it shall be to 
take a correct minute of the proceedings of the Association, 
keep a regular file of the minutes, who shall be at liberty to 
choose his assistant, 

6th. New churches may be admitted into this union 
who shall petition by letter and delegate, or delegates, on 
examination, if found orthodox and orderly may be received 
and may be manifested by the Chief Speaker, or Moderator, 
giving the right hand of fellowship to the delegate, or 
delegates. ' 

7th. Every church shall be entitled to representation 
in the Association, but shall not have more than three mem- 
bers from a church. 

8th. Any query presented to the Association by any 
church in the union shall be read, on which the opinion of the 
Association shall be taken, whether it be considered, and if 
there be a majority for taking it into consideration it shall 
be examined, otherwise it shall be withdrawn, nevertheless 
no query except such as relate to the general union, shall 
be received from any church which has not been deliber- 
ately considered in the church in which it originated and 
which they cannot get saatisfaction. 

9th. Every motion made in order and seconded, shall 
come -under the consideration of the Association unless it 
be withdrawn by the person who made it together wit hhis 
second. ■ 

10th. The Association shall endeavor to furnish the 
churches with minutes of their proceedings, and in order to 
enable them to do it in the most convenient manner, it is 
recommended that the churches should contribute such sums 
of money as they think proper and send by their messen- 
gers, which, when received, shall be put into the hands of 
the Treasurer appointed for that purpose, and shall be dis- 
tributed as the Association may direct for the benefit of 
the churches. 

11th. Presbyteries for the purpose of constituting 
churches or acting in conjunction with the churches, in or- 


daining ministers, or restoring those whose gifts have been 
suspended by excommunication to thei rformer functions^ 
shall be composed of two or more ministers of the union. 

12th. The Association shall provide for the general, 
union of the churches, preserve a chain of communication 
among them, give them advice in matters of difficulties, en- 
quire into the cause why any churches fail to represent 
themselves in the Association, appropriate the money sent 
by the churches for the Associational fund to any purpose 
they may think proper or necessary for the benefit of the- 
churches, and appoint any member or members of the Asso- 
ciation with his or their consent to transact any business^ 
for the benefit of the union which they think proper. 

13th. The Assciation may withdraw from any church 
or churches that are disorderly in principle or practice. 

14th. The Association may, at its sitting, admit any 
distant brethren, whose principles accord with theirs, to sit 
with them, who shall be at liberty to discourse upon any 
question and give light, but not permitted to vote except 
touching the general union. 

15th. All questions should be determined by a majority 
of members present, except in the reception of churches,, 
which should be unanimous. 

16th. Two-thirds of the members form a quorum to do- 

17th. Amendments may be made to this form of gov- 
ernment and to this constitution — a majority of members 
being present. 

18th. The minutes of the Association may be read and 
corrected, if need be, and signed by the Chief Speaker and 

19th. The Association may adjourn to any time anrt 
place they may think proper.